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PRI - 50 years working for Road Safety

La Prévention Routière Internationale (PRI) is an international non-governemental organisation that was founded in 1959 to promote cooperation amongst national institutions dealing with road safety.

What started as a small organisation, has now - 50 years later - grown into an international road safety organisation with 55 members in over 45 countries. PRI groups together national and international organisations and institutions, governmental or non-governmental, whose objective is to promote traffic safety and to encourage efficient road traffic prevention.

Our main work areas

PRI focusses its activities on the following work areas; road safety education, road safety campaigns, communication, advocacy and lobbying and active involvement in road safety of citizens and civil society.

Why join

Why should your organisation or an individual join PRI? PRI participate in global networks from the UN and the WHO, for example the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC). PRI believes that access to international and regional networks of exchange of know-how and best practices are highly effective and useful in terms of traffic safety awareness and in terms of putting road safety as a priority on the national and international political agenda. By joining PRI, you will get access to the PRI global road safety network and membership will also bring you in contact with other members and key-players in the field of road safety.

PRI membership offers you and your organisation:

  • Access to global and (inter)national networks and key players;
  • Contact with other members (bilateral/regional groups);
  • Platform for exchange of knowledge, experiences, best practices, information about road safety campaigns and educational programs, reports, statistics, publications and information about upcoming road safety events;
  • Free participation in the yearly PRI International/Regional Road Safety Conferences/Forum and PRI World Congresses (every 4 years);
  • Possibility to join international projects (EU, UN);
  • Road Safety Seminar/Training Course, Traineeships and Consultancy activities for PRI members;
  • E-News newsletters and PRI annual reports for free and access to the Member extranet on the PRI website ;
  • Free access to road safety video's and TV spots on PRI website;
  • Free access to intranet of PRI website;
  • To be kept informed on new developments

PRI membership categories

PRI knows the following three different membership categories; Active Members, Affiliated Members and Individual Members. All PRI members pay an annual subscription or supporting fee, depending on the membership category they fall in.

PRI membership categories:

  • Active members: Active members enjoy the right to vote at the PRI General Meeting which discusses and decides on all matters, including budget matters concerning the activities of PRI. They pay an annual subsciption fee (see PRI Membership Fee Category List). The Active membership category comprises the following members: 
    1. National active members: National road safety associations, organisations (one or more) public or private, research institutes, Universities and other national institutes.
    2. International active members: International organisations and institutions (public or private), all with the aim to improve road traffic safety.
  • Affiliated members: Affiliated members do have the right to all free services provided by PRI. However, they do not have the have the right to vote at the PRI General Meeting. Affiliated members pay an annual supporting fee (see PRI Membership Fee Category List).
    1. The Affiliated membership category includes commercial and industrial entitities and other societies interested in the aims of PRI.
  • Individual members: All individuals interested in road safety and the aims of PRI can join PRI as an Individual member. PRI Individual members do not have the right to vote at the PRI General Meeting. They pay a modest annual supporting fee.

Join us

Please note that organisations or individuals joining PRI are offered a reduction of 50% of the regular membership fee in the first year of membership.

You can join PRI by filling in the appropriate PRI Membership Form which you can download below. By joining PRI your organisation accepts the PRI Statutes in force.



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